The community is growing-Outdoors surfing
The community is growing and more and more amazing and adventurous women are taking part in our discussions.

I would like You to be a part of this Community and share your experience and advice. I am sure that many of us have their tricks and wisdom gathered and are willing to share with others. Outdoor clothing, brands, utility, places, shoes, methods, survival skills or unpredictable events, etc.etc.

This community will be a fantastic platform to meet the same minded people. Once we start travelling again, we can do Outdoors Surfing, something like Coach surfing, but for outdoors activities. Here, we don’t offer a coach but partnership, advice, information and experience.

We can contact the person from a particular country and ask for advice through social media, a phone call or even meeting in person. We could meet to do an activity together, get to know each other and have a fantastic time. Local knowledge and recommendations are many times a key to success and one of the most valuable assets. We can find partners to go rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing and others.

glacier-colaboration- iceland
Training Glacier Skills

A few times, especially when travelling, I just ended up doing something on my own, and in the city, because haven’t found anyone to go with, and some activities require a partner for safety reasons, or it just feels intimidating in a foreign country.

I live in Iceland; I love the fact that here wherever I go, whatever time in the day or night, I probably will be alone and filling safely. But it does not happen everywhere. Travelling or not and for outdoors we do need a second Soul to go with us. So, this community will gather all those of you who want to share their knowledge about outdoors, sports and fitness. Looking to find a partner for any outdoors activities while travelling or studying abroad. Want to get to know different cultures through the outdoors passion or try a new outdoor activity, new sport.

rafting spain
Guiding a raft in Spain

And meanwhile, these difficult times are here we unify our forces in the online community and build up our partnership. I invite you to participate in sharing your wisdom, experience and questions.

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With warm regards, 

Magdalena πŸ’š